What We Delivered

Salve Salto was a Brazilian startup focused on the footwear market wich developed an online platform for creating, customizing and ordering women’s shoes online.

Salve Salto’s core business, as already mentioned, was to allow users to create and order shoes, and to achieve this goal a 3D platform was developed wich allowed users to do a completely new shoes (or customize shoes from the catalog), with each part assembled according to their preferences, such as colors, heels, shapes and so on. After then the user would order the product through a standard e-commerce system.
The production  was made through Salve Salto’s partner factories wich received the orders and delivered the customized product to be sent to the customer.

When I got into the company, the Salve Salto 3D platform was already under development but there wasn´t a mobile version and the e-commerce system was very incipient.

On the following months I helped the company on the evolution of the mobile experience as well as on the development of an e-commerce system more suited to the needs of the market.


Salve Salto